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Spot Clean Carpet

Clean carpet is viewed as more visually appealing, longer lasting and healthier. Carpet cleaning for beautification, as well as spot removal, soil removal, sand and grit can be done by Bailtek using a truck-mount steam extraction method of cleaning.   When a carpet spot is a concern, the quicker the carpet  cleaner can spot clean carpet, the easier the removal.

Carpet Spot Removal

Small spill on the carpet? It happens, and many times a little water can remove the spot.  We always recommend using a clean, white, damp cloth and applying as much pressure as possible to remove the spot.  If the spot is still there, give us a call, we have a few more way we can tell you about to help remove the spot on the carpet.  

If the spot on the carpet is getting bigger as you clean it, call us, you need to have the carpet extracted to remove the spot.  Our technicians have a variety of carpet spotters they use to remove spots depending on what was spilled on the carpet.  Between the spotters and the heat of the carpet cleaning machine, our technicians have tremendous success with remove spots from carpet.  

As a rule of thumb, if a spot is darker than the carpet there is a high success rate with removal.  If the spot on the carpet is lighter than the carpet, there is a good chance it is a bleach spot or has color loss.


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