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Mold Remediation Kalamazoo Battle Creek

What makes mold grow?  Spores and moisture form mold and begin to grow on almost any surface, including, wood, ceiling tiles, carpet, drywall and insulation.  The mold grows best where there is moisture from a leaky roof, high humidity or a mold food source.  You know mold is present when you can smell the “musty” odor or see the black and white specks in damp areas.

If you notice mold or have water damage it is time to take action, contacting your insurance agent regarding coverage is an important step. It is your choice who you choose for mold remediation services, let your agent know you have chosen Bailtek .  Remember, while the area remains damp and moist, mold will continue to be an issue.  Bailtek  is equipped, has the knowledge and expertise to repair the damage.

Prevent Mold Kalamazoo Battle Creek

Mold Damage Battle Creek Kalamazoo

Mold damage can be an unsightly image in your beautiful home. It can also seriously affect the health of family members and, if in an office building, coworkers. Often developing in buildings that have been damaged by water, proper water damage restoration goes a long way in prevention of mold growth.

However, when mold has already taken over your home or work building, it's best to call on Bailtek Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage for our extensive and effective mold repair services. The experts at Bailtek bring years of experience in conducting mold repair, using the highest quality tools in the market for mold remediation, removal and clean-up. Bailtek’s mold repair services ensure that you don't see mold growing again in your home or business when clean up is complete.

Bailtek water and smoke damage restoration Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Mich

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Pictures shows tear out of drywall and axial fan Pictures shows respirator mask used by Bailtek during mold remediation Picture shows an air scrubber used by Bailtek during remediation.