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Spot cleaning carpet removes stains and clean carpet is viewed as more visually appealing, longer lasting and healthier than poorly maintained carpet. Carpet cleaning for beautification, as well as spot removal, removal of soil, sand and grit can be done by Bailtek using a truck-mount steam extraction method of cleaning. When a carpet spot is a concern, the quicker the carpet spot can be steam cleaned, the easier the removal process can be.

The longer the carpet spot remains, the higher the chance of permanent color change, also known as a carpet “stain”. 3M Scotchgard Protection is an excellent way to prevent spills from becoming carpet stains. 3M Scotchgard should be applied immediately after cleaning for maximum carpet protection and spot removal in the future. The tips listed below can help guide you through cleaning carpet spots.

Here to Bail You Out!

Bailtek cleaning up wine spill on carpet


Carpet Stain Removal TIPS

  • Using a white towel, blot up as much of the liquid spill as possible
  • Blot from the outside to inside of the spill on carpet
  • If available, use wet/dry vacuum to extract liquid spill to prevent carpet stains
  • Apply as much pressure as possible while blotting the carpet spot
  • Avoid mixing various spot cleaners and household remedies to prevent setting the spot and causing a permanent carpet stain or permanent furniture stain
  • If  carpet spot or furniture spot doesn’t release, keep spot  on carpet damp, and call 269-484-1011  to schedule an appointment
  • Carpet care tips

Carpet Stain Removed

Many discolorations on carpet can be removed including spots from rust, food, beverages, blood, pet urine, etc. There are other options such as replacing a small area with a similar piece cut from a closet or scrap. A Bailtek Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage technician can help you understand your best option.  A Bailtek technician can also let you know if the carpet spots is a permanent carpet stain.

By simple cleaning industry definitions, a spot on carpet is something that can be removed and a carpet stain is something that can’t be removed.  One way of understanding this is red wine or Kool-Aid spilled on your kitchen table can be easily wiped clean, but the color stain will remain on the furniture.  A carpet spot is the same.