Odor Control

Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Hastings MI

Eliminating Odors in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek or Hastings, MI

Bailtek can apply odor neutralizers designed specifically for the area of concern, even if it is from pet urine, water damage, mold damage or fire damage. Your carpet and furniture will smell fresh and clean when cleaned, deodorized and dried.

Carpets are a wonderful addition to the comfort and appearance of a space, but carpet and rugs can attract odors.  Nobody wants to replace carpet or replace rugs that look perfectly fine, are not showing worn spots or fade marks.  Yet, what do you do if you notice a smell, especially a pet smell, pet odor or musty smell?  Call Bailtek!

Bailtek offers pet odor TIPS

I admit, I was not sure of getting our dog Slug, but Bailtek has made even that alright, thanks to their carpet cleaning and carpet deodorizing!

Montiella R., Portage, MI

Odor Control Tips

  • If carpet has been overly wet or dampened, or is in a high humidity environment, mildew or mold is probably to blame for the odor
  • Bailtek can help pinpoint the source of the smell and effectively rid the area of odor
  • A variety of cleaning options are available when it comes to odor removal for carpet, odor removal for rugs and odor removal from furniture
  • Technicians are trained to assess the source of the odor and decide the extent of cleaning, kind of cleaning, sealing and deodorizing necessary
  • All odor removal options will be considered and Bailtek can help chose the best course of action to resolve the odor in your home or odor in your business
  • Contact Bailtek today at 269-484-1011

Deodorize Carpet

Have you cleaned and cleaned your carpets, tried every known homemade remedy, only to give up and submit to that haunting, vexing odor trapped deep inside your carpet? Bailtek Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage has your deodorizer and sanitation needs covered for the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, Michigan surrounding areas.

An carpet odor isn’t uncommon. In fact, carpets are magnets for attracting dirt and odors; it’s what they do. Your carpet might even look great and be well vacuumed, but odors lock themselves deep inside. Many cleaning agents will only mask an odor temporarily, making it seem to have eliminated an odor only to be surprised when the stubborn odor returns.

Bailtek cleaning technicians have the right products, know the cleaning techniques, and have the experience and training necessary to eliminate a wide variety of odors.