3M Scotchgard Carpet Protection

Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Hastings MI

3M Scotchgard keeps carpet and upholstery looking cleaner longer. The environmentally, friendly formula delivers results against stains and dirt with its ability to repel liquids. Protect your investment in area rugs, furniture, throw pillows, floors, car interiors, wall fabrics and more, using 3M Scotchgard protection.  Remember, carpet protection decreases with time and decreases with cleaning.  The more traffic and vacuuming, the faster the protection wears away.  After each cleaning of carpet and upholstery, a 3M Scotchgard application should be reapplied.  Applying protection after cleaning boosts the protection of the mill treatment.

3M Scotchgard Protection offered by Bailtek

Unbelievable, I though the spot on the carpet in front of the couch  would be there forever, but thanks to 3M Scotchgard and Bailtek – it is GONE!

Diana W., Galesburg, MI

3M Scotchgard Protection Benefits

  • 3M Scotchgard protects carpet, protects area rugs, and protects tile from spills and soil
  • Keeps carpet and upholstery looking cleaner longer with
  • Protects sofas, loveseats and chairs from everyday build up
  • Spills bead up on surface for easier clean-up
  • You can live with confidence when carpet, rugs and furniture have been protected
  • Protect your furnishings investment by having an application
  • Makes vacuuming easier with soil staying on the surface
  • Often, it prevents spots and spills from turning into a stain

Protect Against Stains

3M Scotchgard protects your carpet and upholstery with treatments provided by Bailtek Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage, The easiest way to keep carpet and upholstery clean is with preventative action.  When you protect your carpet an application, you’ll shield carpet from permanent stains. The life of carpet will be extended and look newer longer. With treatment, the investment will return itself by providing you with a carpet that lasts longer.

When over 700 hours are spent on the average couch annually, it brings spills and accidents that you need protection from. Get peace of mind when you protect your furniture with an application applied by Bailtek Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage today.