Oriental Rug Cleaning

Area rugs add color, warmth and texture to a space.  Changing an area rug in a room can completely change the look of the room.  Protect your investment with regular area rug and throw rug cleaning.  Area rugs, oriental rugs and throw rugs can be exposed to heavy foot traffic depending on the layout of a room.  Keep your area rugs clean and beautiful by contacting Bailtek for regular rug cleaning.  At Bailtek, we are properly equipped to care for all types of area rugs.  Our excellent area rug cleaning results from specialized care of area rugs and the attention your area rug investment deserves.  We use the most advanced processes used today, to thoroughly clean rugs, remove spots from area rugs and remove odors from rugs.  Area rugs are a great way to make a room look and feel beautiful.

The area rugs in my home take some serious abuse, lucky for me Bailtek is successful at making the oriental rugs look new again!

Eska B., Schoolcraft MI

Bailtek cleaning oriental rug

Area Rug Cleaning Frequency plus Rug Maintenance

Cleaning area rugs ensures the softness, durability and richness of color in your rug.pAn oriental rug is much like any fine work of art. They appreciate with the passage of time and have been the standard of luxury that has proven countless times their increased value over the years. It is essential for you to protect your investment through proper care and cleaning to increase the life and value of your rug.

Have your rug cleaned only when it really needs it. For high traffic areas, cleaning may be necessary on a yearly basis. For other lower traffic areas, cleaning may only be needed every 5-7 years.  Is the rug visibly soiled?  Then it is time for a professional cleaning.

Bailtek Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage is committed to excellence in value, selection and service. We can provide long term care for your oriental rug through our professional hand cleaning and restoration service. Call us today and keep your rug looking beautiful for generations!

Protecting Oriental Rug plus Area Rug Investment

  • Area rugs represent a significant investment, Bailtek ensures oriental rugs stay clean and last for years to come
  • Vacuuming alone does not clean area rugs, regular area rug cleaning ensure allergens, dust mites, sand and hair is removed
  • Cleaning area rugs prolongs the life and beauty of area rugs so they last generation to generation
  • Rotation of oriental rugs is equally important so oriental rugs wear evenly from the exposure to light and foot traffic received
  • As area rugs begin to show fade marks it is especially important to rotate the area rugs to minimize the damage of fiber breakdown