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Water removal completed by highly trained and certified technicians have the knowledge and equipment to mitigate water quickly, using water extractors and pumps. To enhance efficiency, professionals use the latest technology including cameras and moisture meters. Bailtek uses modern in-place drying techniques for water removal and clean up.  This process is minimally invasive, we can reduce project duration and provide substantial savings to our customers.

Furthermore, restoration methods rely heavily on the quantity of water and time the area has been affected by the water.  If the water has not been on the carpet for longer than 48 hours and the loss is not sewage based, you can usually save the carpet. You should contact your insurance agent when possible.

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Water Damage Clean Up Kalamazoo Battle Creek

Look for a licensed and certified water damage repair company should a disaster occur.  Call Bailtek Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage for a quick response time for flood water cleanup service when you experience commercial flood damage, building water damage or residential house flood damage. We offer 24 hour emergency flood water damage restoration service and sewage water damage removal service.

We bill your insurance company directly for flood damage, fire damage, sewage damage, mold damage or water damage. Call for a free flood water damage estimate.  Our team of water damage restoration specialists come to your home or commercial building and provide emergency water damage clean up services such as:

  • Estimate the flood water damage
  • Perform water extraction in flooded areas
  • Removal of water damaged carpet
  • Clean up all flood damaged areas
  • Sanitize all flood damaged items
  • Apply mold damage neutralizers
  • Dry out wet flooded building & house
  • Dry out wet flooded carpet & wood floor
  • Call 24/7 for water damage and flooding clean up

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Water Damage Flood TIPS

Water damage can originate from many different sources, such as sump pump failure, hot water heater leak, broken pipe, cracked pipe,  pipe freeze, washing machine overflow and natural flooding from bad weather. Hire a reputable plumber to repair leaking pipes.

If the flooding is sewage, special precautions are taken to ensure a thorough clean up.

Most damage caused by bad weather (floods, snow, rain & ice) is considered flood damage and may not be covered by homeowners insurance.  You should check with your insurance agent regarding insurance coverage for a flood.  Certain areas are prone to rising water and necessary precautions should be taken.