Rug Cleaning

Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Hastings MI

Area rug cleaning protects your investment.  Plus, area rugs adds warmth, texture and color  to rooms.   Rugs can be exposed to heavy traffic depending on placement in the room.  Keep your area rugs clean and beautiful by contacting Bailtek for professional area rug cleaning.  At Bailtek, we are properly equipped to care for all types of rugs.  Our excellent  rug cleaning results from specialized care and attention to rugs.  We use the most advanced processes used today, to clean thoroughly rugs, remove spots from rugs and remove odors from rugs.

Rugs are a great way to make a room look and feel beautiful.  Bailtek can clean most rugs on site in your home or business.  Our technicians are experts at cleaning rugs of all kinds and sizes.  If it is more convenient for you, feel free to drop off your rug at our office to be cleaned.

Our office is located at:  9468 E K Avenue, Galesburg, MI  49053

Rug Cleaners

  • Area rugs represent an investment, Bailtek ensures rugs stay clean and last for years to come
  • Vacuuming alone does not clean rugs, using rug cleaners ensures allergens, dust soil, sand and hair is removed
  • Rug cleaners prolong the life and beauty of area rugs so they last generation to generation
  • Rotation of  rugs is equally important so rugs wear evenly from the exposure to light and foot traffic received
  • As  rugs begin to show fade marks it is especially important to rotate the rugs to minimize the damage of fiber breakdown

Rug Cleaning Maintenance

Bailtek rug cleaning is committed to excellence in value, selection and service. We can provide long term care for your rug through our professional hand cleaning and restoration service. Call us today and keep your rugs looking beautiful for generations to come.

“The rugs in my home look like new again after having them cleaned by Bailtek.”

Jeff B., Augusta MI

Bailtek area rug cleaning