Leather Cleaning

Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Hastings MI

Leather furniture cleaned by leather cleaning technicians helps the leather furniture maintain the natural beauty.   Leather cleaning requires specially formulated solutions to clean, condition and protect leather furniture against penetration of soil, grease and other substances.  Cleaning leather preserves the leather’s natural oils to prevent cracking, fading and peeling.   Leather furnishings are a major investment and require leather cleaning. Proper leather cleaning helps eliminate deterioration caused by body oil, UV Rays and other contaminants.  Contaminates can settle into the pores of a leather surface and cause it to break down prematurely.

Leather Cleaner Experts

  • Our experts are Leather Cleaning Certified and attend training, during which they learn about the various types of leather used in furniture, as well the best methods for cleaning and restoring it.
  • Most leather is absorbent by nature; such as suede and Nubuck which tend to absorb stains.  Other types of leather are pigmented, which means dirt and soil remain on the surface. We will identify the leather in your home and use the correct methods for getting it looking its best.
  • If you use your furnishings on a daily basis, a professional leather cleaning should be part of your maintenance routine. Oil, perspiration, and acids found on the body transfer to the leather and can cause staining and damage.

Cleaning Leather Furniture

Leather cleaning is a specialized process designed to preserve the look and feel of leather and it’s unique characteristics. Leather has inherent qualities, such as its ability to breath, as well as visible properties such as vein, tic, and scar marks that often become more prominent after cleaning.

During leather cleaning of a leather sofa, leather chair, or leather foot stool, stains and soil are removed, vital oils are replenished, and colors are restored to the leather. We make every attempt to safely remove stains without damaging the look and feel of the leather furniture.

Hiring a professional leather cleaner to properly maintain your leather furniture will help you protect your leather furniture investment, whether it is a leather sofa, leather chair, or leather foot stool that needs leather cleaned, Bailtek can clean leather or clean upholstery.

My leather sofa looks like new and feel so soft again, thank you Bailtek!

Kimberly M.