Fire Damage Kalamazoo

Make contact with your insurance agent immediately after a fire. Your agent will recommend hiring a professional fire restorer to assess and repair the fire damage and smoke damage.  Why should you choose Bailtek for the restoration services? Bailtek can help determine which items can be restored.  We can also provide estimates and services for thoroughly cleaning and deodorizing the affected areas and items.  In addition, we offer content manipulation and content pack-out services.

An ozone treatment is used to eliminate odors in furniture, carpet and other soft goods.  Bailtek can help with soot removal from ceiling to floors.  In addition, we can help with content manipulation, boxing, and storage of contents.

Picture shows flames from fire

Fire Damage Repair Kalamazoo

Fire damage is considered a risk of owning property.  A fire can quickly damage an entire home or building, and cause you to lose a large amount of property in a short amount of time. Dealing with the aftermath of fire damage can in turn be difficult, making it hard for you to focus immediately on addressing your fire damage and smoke damage restoration needs.

Calling in Bailtek Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage can  help ensure you get maximum effort put into retaining property.   Furthermore, the team at Bailtek  can handle the paperwork with your insurance companies, clarifying the entire process to you each step of the way. You can count on Bailtek  to make dealing with fire damage a little easier.

Property needs to be immediately boarded up and secured so contents don’t get damaged by weather or vandalized. You will need to clean smoke damage, which could be worst than the fire damage itself.   Bailtek has the equipment and manpower to respond anytime any day to fire damage of any extent. We have the experience and knowledge in Professional Restoration Services:  soot removal, smoke removal, deodorization, contents cleaning, and returning property to pre-loss condition

Fire Damage Clean Up Kalamazoo

  • Wash walls using a chemical sponge
  • Washable clothing and draperies attended to by a professional dry cleaner
  • Inspect ducts for smoke removal, clean if necessary
  • Check attic insulation for smoke odor, remove and replace insulation if necessary
  • Cover clean carpet to protect from soot being tracked in while cleanup is in process
  • Pack-out contents for cleaning