Flooding Portage Michigan

Flooding damage is more severe the longer the flood damage sits. Our team is available anytime any day to ensure Portage MI homes and businesses with flooding issues have someone to call.  Whether the flooding is confined to a small space in a basement or a multi-level flood, our qualified technicians are available for help immediately.   Upon arrival, our technicians will promptly assess the flooding damage, begin the flood damage cleanup, and structural drying process.

Time is of the essence, stop the flow of water, quickly extract the flood water, and begin the drying process in the affected area right away.  Whatever the flooding is caused from, the professionals at Bailtek Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage can help.

Remember, it is your choice who you use to restore your loss.  

Wet basement from rain?

Washer overflow?

Flooding Basement Portage

When flooding is caused by a heavy rain storm, a tree through the roof, a broken sump pump, a broken water heater or sewage backup, we can extract the flood water in a basement or affected area and restore life back to normal.

Bailtek flood damage services are perfect for flooded basements, but also for limiting structural damage to your home or business.  By limiting the migration of the water in your flooded basement, it helps prevent any further damage to your possessions and property.  Sitting water can seep into your floor, carpet, woodwork, and drywall,  leading to mold and other health problems.  A dry basement limits the ability of mold formation.

Floods from broken pipes, sewer backups, foundation issues, emergency water removal… No problem!  Whatever the cause of the water emergency, Bailtek Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage is available 24 hours a day for emergency service for flooding and emergency cleanup needs.  A local company serving dry basement needs in Portage Michigan.

Flooding Damage Portage

Clean dry basement sounds appealing…  ensure the cleanup process is efficient by hiring trained certified flood technicians.  We can ensure you peace of mind throughout the entire Portage flood emergency cleanup process in your home or business.

Broken pipes and rain water can cause significant basement flooding.  Whether it is a small, minor leak or a major leak, Bailtek is here to clean up the flooded basement mess and keep your home or business safe, dry and free of mold after a flood.

IICRC Certified Technicians use the most scientific methods in the industry to test whether walls and floors are wet or dry.  The use of moisture meters determine whether an area is dry or still has moisture.  A broken pipe can cause a significant flood and you need to be certain the flooded basement area is returned to a dry basement before putting belongings back in place.

Washer overflow?

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