Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Cleaning

We clean engineered wood and laminate floors.

1. Vacuuming vs. Deep Cleaning:

    • Vacuuming alone doesn’t remove all dirt and debris from hard surface floors. While it helps with surface-level cleaning, it may not address embedded dirt.
    • Mopping can sometimes spread dirt around rather than effectively removing it. That’s where deep cleaning comes into play.

2. Professional Luxury Vinyl Tile Cleaning (LVT):

    • Bailtek goes beyond surface cleaning. Our commitment to thoroughness ensures a healthier environment.
    • When dealing with hardwood, we utilize specialized equipment like the hardwood floor auto scrubber or the 4-jet gecko. These tools allow for deep cleaning, reaching areas that regular cleaning methods might miss.
    • After the deep cleaning process, we use a microfiber mop and fan to ensure quick drying. This means your floors can be walked on immediately, without any risk of water damage.

3. Benefits of Professional Floor Cleaning:

    • Healthier Environment: Removing embedded dirt contributes to better indoor air quality and reduces allergens.
    • Enhanced Appearance: Clean floors create a positive impression for guests and employees.
    • Prolonged Floor Life: Regular deep cleaning helps maintain the integrity of flooring materials.