Air Duct Cleaning Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Hastings, MI

Air Duct Cleaning Process

Here is what to expect on the air duct cleaning process:

1.  Our air duct cleaners will cut two large access holes to attach an 8″ round vacuum hose to the supply and return lines of the HVAC system, through which the 5,500 CFM vacuum extraction will take place. A FREE video inspection is performed at this time, allowing you to view the system. A series of 1″ holes will be created to whip and agitate the build-up, thus loosening the dirt and debris so it may exit your house freely.

2. Next, a powerful vacuum is attached to the main trunk line of the HVAC system. This vacuum collects the dislodged contaminants and disposes of them in a hopper, leaving your vents fully cleaned. While the vacuum runs it pulls debris and contaminants through the vents as they are cleaned by whips attached to the air hose pushing the lingering dirt and debris toward the vacuum for extraction.  Since it uses negative air flow, dirt and debris are kept within the air duct cleaning system.

3.  Then, technicians will clean the vent covers and air runs. We will gently remove vent covers as necessary to clean them.  Vents that are painted or glued on, screwed in or caulked shut can be cleaned without removal.

More than Duct Cleaning in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Hastings

There is more to having a clean space than just having the air ducts cleaned.  When was the last time you had your furniture and rugs cleaned?  Regular cleaning of soft goods help remove dust that accumulates in your home or business.  At Bailtek, we recommend routing cleaning of sofas, chairs, and rugs.  Cleaning of furniture and area rugs helps protect your investment and leaves your space cleaner.  For tips on how to get rid of dust, CLICK HERE.

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