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Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

Protect your carpet investment, we recommend regular carpet cleaning.  Regular cleanings helps with carpet stain removal.  We also recommend a good functioning vacuum cleaner.  Use of a professional carpet cleaner is required to extend the life of your carpet.  First, regular maintenance helps removed grit that wears away at your carpet.  Second, in order to extend the life of your carpet, take advantage of our years of real world experience.  Plus, we have years of experience in cleaning troubled carpet spots, rugs and challenging carpets.  Lastly, this makes Bailtek the best choice for your professional carpet service company.

Furthermore, rather than focusing on how many carpets and rugs we do in a given day, we prefer our technicians to focus on the best and most efficient service. No one cleans carpet more thoroughly or protects your  investment better than Bailtek!  Furthermore, we stand behind our work 100%, customer satisfaction is very important to our staff.

In conclusion, besides soil and spots our truck mount steam cleaning process, also known as steam cleaning, removes pollutants such as allergens, pet dander, and bacteria along with cleaning agents.  Materials are thoroughly flushed out leaving your carpets looking and feeling clean and healthy.  Furthermore, it will improve the longevity of your carpet investment.  Use Bailtek for all your carpet and rug needs in Kalamazoo, Portage, Hastings, and Battle Creek, Michigan.

24/7 Emergency
Service available for spots or spills on carpet or for an unexpected flood!

Bailtek provides the best professional carpet cleaning and more.  First, technicians are certified by the I.I.C.R.C. (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration).

Second, rug cleaning at Bailtek is a simple process.  The Bailtek technicians are trained and true professionals.  Third, Bailtek leaves carpet nearly dry.  Thanks to the best high powered, truck mounted, steam cleaning machines.  Plus, 90-95% the moisture is extracted from the carpet.  This leaves rugs almost dry after cleaning.  Lastly, it is simple, use the best professional cleaners.  100% Satisfaction Guarantee at Bailtek.

Carpet Spot Cleaning Tips

  • Spots should be treated as soon as possible after the spill, to prevent  stains
  • Completely blot up wet carpet spots on carpet using a white towel or white paper towel
  • Blot spots by pressing straight down and applying pressure, use body weight
  • Work from the outside of a spot to inside to clean up a spill
  • Do not rub carpet spots, it may affect the texture of pile